Who am I?

Day Trading Chat Room


My name is Joseph Besharah and I’ve been a profitable day trader for the last 6 years. However, my trading success didn’t happen overnight. I found interest in day trading about 8 years ago, after seeing an online ad about a day trader living a lavish lifestyle. He had it all, the cars I wanted, the home I wanted and pretty much the life I wanted. My goal right then and there was to MAKE IT as a day trader. 

After signing up to his service, and a few other services, I quickly realized this it not the type of trading education I was looking for. There was nothing clear-cut about it. It was mostly based off assumptions and guesswork. Why pay someone when I can do the guesswork myself? It left me with more questions than answers. I felt incredibly frustrated.

If this sounds similar to what you’ve encountered, I’ve been there and I know how it feels. I get it. Don’t let that discourage you. You deserve an experienced, proven trading mentor that can help you become a profitable day trader.

My turning point…

After signing up to multiple services and failing, I finally found a REAL trading mentor that truly saved my career as a day trader. A real trader making a living off of his trading, and not off chat memberships. He’s been trading for over 20 years. He taught me a way to trade I never thought existed. Seriously.

 I went from a losing trader to a profitable trader almost instantly. I now have the freedom to do what I love most, travel and spend time with family and friends. 

 Quality Guarantee

  1. Included will be LIFETIME access to my personal email for any questions you may have during or after the course.
  2. Money Back Guarantee: 14 day – money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the content of the course.
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