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Best Free Stock Charts for 2020

Looking For A Free Stock Chart? Here Are 4 Of The Best For 2020. 

To take control of your investing, it is essential to have the right tools, such as a stock chart. A stock chart allows you to do price analysis, find the best trading levels, view trends, and more.

Good stock chart software can be expensive; however, there are some excellent free resources out there. Keep reading to discover the best free stock charts for 2020.

What is a Stock Chart?

Stock chart

A stock chart is a visual representation showing a stock’s movement in terms of price ( y-axis) and time (x-axis). There are a host of indicators that can be placed on a stock chart, including averages, volumes, Bollinger bands, and many more.

The above chart depicts the price and other vital information over a set period. The period can be incremented by various timeframes, such as a month, week, day, etc.

The three main types of stock chart are as follows: 

  • Bar chart. Tracks 3-4 prices. 
  • Line chart. Plots the stock’s closing price.
  • Candle chart. The most popular chart. Tracks 4 types of price data.

How To Interpret Stock Charts

Charting software

It is essential to be able to read and interpret a stock chart. The data within a stock chart can seem overwhelming, but it is quite straightforward to understand.

Your first step is familiarization with the chart. Opening a stock chart, you will be presented with information about the company, Google, for instance. The chart will show the ticker (GOOGL), price (opening, closing, high, low), volume, market capitalization, and buy/sell data.

The example above is a bar chart, with red and green bars representing price falls and rises. A tall vertical bar represents volatility. If the price has fallen in the given period, the bar is red. Green bars show price rises.

The time period can be adjusted to suit your trading style. Weekly charts display long-term trends, while intraday charts depict price actions within a day. Time intervals range from weeks down to less than a minute.

What Do You Need From a Stock Chart?

Your stock chart is your portal into the market, giving you the critical information you need to trade. When deciding on the best stock chart for you, consider the following:

Lines. It should be able to support horizontal and vertical lines, and also trend lines. These will assist you in identifying resistance and support levels and indicate trends. 

    • Symbols. Your stock chart should have a library of symbols and images that you can use for various positions and activities such as buy, sell, stop, etc.
    • Line studies. Having built-in support for studying lines is preferable. These include Tirone levels, Gann Fans, Raff Regression, and others.
    • Various shapes. A drawing tool is handy for highlighting different price actions.
    • Ease of use, technical support, chart layout options, and Fibonacci studies are other considerations to take into account.

Best Free Stock Charts

1. Tradingview

For a stock chart with incredible fundamental and technical analysis, Tradingview is an excellent choice. Designed specifically for day traders, it has a community where you can discover new ideas for trading.

The chart is easy to understand and intuitive to use. As it is browser-based, there are no complex software installations to deal with before you can get started with real-time data.

Tradingview is a free platform. However, if you want to access the more advanced features, you will need to pay to upgrade your access. 

Its features include the following:

  • 50+ intelligent drawing tools
  • Advanced price scaling
  • Broad market data coverage
  • Customized technical analysis
  • Multiple broker support
  • Multiple chart layouts
  • Server-side alerts
  • Spread charts
  • Stock screener
  • Various chart types

Apart from free access, you can also opt for the following subscriptions:

    • Pro $12.95 per month
    • Pro+ $24.95 per month
    • Premium $49.95 per month

Benefits of upgrading include the removal of advertising and access to the Tradingview social network.

2. will give you a clear view of the market as well as the ability to improve your portfolio management and discover new opportunities. The high quality of its financial charts has resulted in StockCharts being trusted and used by millions of traders across the globe.

StockCharts also lets you create more extensive, more advanced charts, and run customized scans to find winning stocks. You can also set up alerts to receive market commentary from leading traders in a particular industry.

StockCharts is free for one month, then subscription levels as follows:

  • Basic $14.95 per month
  • Extra $24.95 per month
  • Pro $39.95 per month

Its features include the following:

    • Advanced technical scanning
    • Advanced winning chart
    • Custom alerts
    • Expert market commentary
    • Intuitive dashboard
    • Organize charts with chart lists
    • Plenty of indicators and overlays
    • Real-time intraday data

There is no software installation required with StockCharts, and everything is accessed via a web browser, making it accessible wherever you are located and on any device.

3. FinViz

FinViz (Financial Visualizations) is an established, free-to-use stock chart software. It has remained unchanged for many years, and its users have access to a variety of fundamental and technical tools, real-time news, and quote information.

As well as the stock screener, it gives traders an S&P 500 index heat map, and the ability to view as bubbles which some traders prefer. As well as stock, it provides market data on cryptocurrencies, futures, and Forex.

FinViz is a fantastic tool for advanced day trading, but it has a few constraints. First off, traders are limited to using drop-down menus that have preset ranges. The other limitation is that you cannot access expert results without a subscription to its Elite service at $24.96 per month.

Its features for Elite users include the following:

  • Alerts and notifications
  • Advanced screener
  • Advanced visualizations
  • Backtesting
  • Premarket data
  • Real-time quotes

FinViz will assist you in making sound decisions about the stock you select.

4. Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance is one of the most widely used stock charts. It is simple to use and has an incredibly intuitive interface. Yahoo! Finance offers free, real-time quotes on stocks listed on NASDAQ and NYSE. It also provides interactive charts with over 100 technical indicators for free.

You can create unlimited stock lists, and link Yahoo! Finance to your broker account.

There are additional features available with Yahoo! Finance Premium, which is available free for 28 days. After this time, it is available for $34.99 per month.

Its features for Premium users include the following:

    • Advanced charts and tools
    • Advanced portfolio analytics
    • Advert-lite experience
    • Enhanced charting
    • Exclusive insights and data
    • Intuitive data visualization
    • Live chat on desktop

Closing Thoughts

Learning how to use stock charts is essential to becoming a successful trader. This learning will help you spot the difference between a winning and losing stock, so devote time to it and enjoy learning about your chosen stock chart.


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