Day Trading Discord Room

A unique room where I go over my daily watchlist and discuss entries and targets.
Tune in from 9:15AM EST for the full experience, from premarket to post-trading analyses.

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What You'll Learn In This ROOM

How it's VERY possible to make a months salary in just one day

Without having any prior day trading experience.

How to treat the stock market like an ATM machine

By trading these HIGHLY PREDICTABLE stocks.

Top 3 trading tools I use daily

These tools tell me exactly which stocks to trade.

How to live the digital nomad life and day trade from anywhere in the world

Just imagine what it would be like to travel whenever you want.

Top brokers for short selling stocks

This is KEY when trading a pump & dump!


day trading profits
day trading profits
day trading profits

A Mentor That Cares

day trading mentor

Live calls and gameplan directly from our mentor's trading station

day trading community

Trade alongside like-minded traders who have the same goals as you

stock alerts
Alerts & Announcements

When something important happens, our mentors can notify the entire room.

stock watchlist
Daily Watchlist

We go over the hot stocks on watch everyday at 9:15 am EST

day trading questions
Q & A

Got questions? We have the answers!

stock market chat room
Live Chat

Real-time chat lets the community connect while you trade and learn.


Joseph Besharah started off like most, broke and working a 9 to 5 dead end job he wasn’t happy at. It wasn’t until he stumbled upon day trading that made him realize there is an easier way of making money.  

Joseph’s success in the stock market however didn’t come easy. After signing up to multiple trading services and spending over $5,000 on day trading education, Joseph didn’t find the success he was hoping for. 

UNTIL, he stumbled upon a real trading mentor that wasn’t selling any chat room membership scams. He was quietly and privately building a sizable fortune, and Joseph was lucky enough to be taken under his wing and mentored by him. 

Joseph now trades “full-time”, and has the free time to teach others this strategy that completely changed his life and trading career.

Day trading chat room mentor
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