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Joseph Besharah

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The Benefits Of A Stock Market Mentor

Those looking to get into stock trading are often intimidated by the complexities of the stock market, which is why taking part in a stock market mentorship program would be to their advantage.

Nearly 97% of all beginner traders are unsuccessful and end up losing all their money because they fail to properly educate themselves on the nuances of the dynamic and constantly changing stock market. Understandably, many of them are confused by the tons of information available on the Internet.

After all, when you have ten various guides telling you widely different things, which one do you follow?

This is why a stock market mentorship would be a tremendous help to beginners and those looking to get into trading. So without further ado, here are a few reasons how a beginner trader will benefit from a stock market mentorship.

A Stock Market Mentor Will Help You Assess Yourself

Besides their strengths and weaknesses, a beginner trader should be able to establish how willing they are to take risks, as well. The stock market is extremely fickle – more so in the present circumstances with the COVID-19 global pandemic and the looming economic downturn.

How well will you be able to handle these sorts of situations? Can you still make well-informed and well-thought-out decisions despite the emotional toll?

A stock market mentor will help you identify how to maximize your strengths to trade more efficiently and how to prevent your weaknesses from losing you money. More importantly, they’ll highlight which areas you need to focus on to improve your trading practices.

Whether you’re a risk-taker or prefer to play it safe, your profile and personality as a trader will undoubtedly have a role to play in the trades that you carry out.

A Stock Market Mentor Will Help Narrow Down Your Focus

Beginner traders often find themselves falling into the trap of trying to learn everything at once. Chances are, you’ve downloaded a bunch of videos from YouTube and have a ton of websites bookmarked on your browser.

But have you thought about which area of the market you want to trade in? What type of instrument will you work with? Which strategies will you employ to make the most out of your trades?

If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, then there’s a huge possibility that you’ll end up in a market whose risks you aren’t prepared to take. Or worse, you lose money making unfavorable trades.

But working with a stock market mentor – especially during your first few months as a trader – will allow you to narrow down which markets, as well as which trading strategies, you’d do well to focus on.

A Stock Market Mentor Will Allow You To Learn From Experience

When it comes to the stock market, there are only so many things that books and the Internet will teach you. There’s no denying that the stock market is alive; it undergoes hundreds of changes within the space of a single day and is always affected by external circumstances.

The resources you have may do a great job of explaining to you how trading works but at the end of the day, learning from experience is still the best way to go.

With a stock market mentor, you get to learn from mistakes and oversights without having to suffer their consequences. Not only does this help preserve your capital, but it’ll also maintain your mental health and wellbeing.

Learning from a mentor’s experience is considered by many traders to be the biggest perk of engaging in a stock market mentorship.


These are just some of the many benefits of a stock market mentorship but without a doubt, beginner traders would gain a lot from being in one. By helping you identify your trading profile and your focus, as well as by allowing you to learn from real-life experiences, a stock market mentor can take your trading to greater heights.

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