The Best Stock Charting Software 2019

When researching which stock charting software is the best, you may be overwhelmed with many different options. I’ve narrowed it down to two, I believe are the best stock charting software available.

1. DAS

I’ve been actively using DAS charting since the very beginning of my trading career. It’s my number 1 choice for a number of reasons:

Affordable: At $100USD per month, DAS is pretty affordable compared to its competitor eSignal at $170 per month.

Speed: DAS is extremely fast and responsive. I’ve never had any lag issues with DAS. A very important factor when it comes to day trading.

Customization: You can customize the look and feel as you wish. It’s also packed with many different studies and indicators.

Customer Service: Any questions or issues I may have, they usually reply within the hour.

Award Winning: DAS has won many awards and is a certified partner of NASDAQ and NYSE.

Charting software

2. eSignal 

At $170 USD per month, eSignal is a more expensive option, and may not be the best option for beginner traders who are on a small budget. 

A few reasons why eSignal ranks in the top 2:

Reliability: eSignal has Unparalleled performance, stability, reliability with 99.9% up-time!

Customization: Endless selection of charts and drawing tools to power your analysis

Brokers: You can connect eSignal with 50+ brokers to execute trades directly within the platform.

Award Winning: eSignal has also won many awards


Both of these are extremely good charting software tools. But, if I had to chose one, I would have to go with DAS. DAS is the cheaper option, and has everything I personally need and use in a stock charting software. 

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