What is Day Trading?

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The attraction of day trading is irrefutable. It seems exciting to earn a living by just executing trades on your computer from the comfort of your home. The problem is, inexperienced or careless day traders can wreck their portfolios in an instant. Today we will tell you all about day trading and how you can minimize risks to execute better and safer trades. 

Day trading

It is the practice of buying and selling stocks in short periods, usually a day. The objective is to earn a small profit on every trade and then compound these gains over time.

With the rise of cheap trades and online stockbrokers, day trading has become a worthwhile way for retail investors to convert earnings from a few days into a considerable bankroll.

How day trading works

Day trading is based around volatility. Day traders depend mainly on stock or market fluctuations for earning their profits. They prefer stocks which bounce around throughout the day. They look for signs like a good or bad earnings report, general market sentiment, and positive or negative news. They also prefer stocks with high liquidity because these are easier to move around without significantly affecting the stock’s price.

Day traders might short-sell a stock if it is moving lower or buy it if it is moving higher. They may trade the same stock multiple times a day, short-selling it one time and buying it the next. They are constantly taking advantage of the changing sentiment. They are looking to move a stock regardless of the strategy they use.

Is day trading hard?

The three most common issues keeping day traders from being profitable:

  • Not knowing which stocks to pick
  •  Not knowing the safest entries, stops and targets (which leads to overtrading)
  • Not having a defined system

We teach you exactly how to answer these three important questions in the Full Time Day Trader course

How do I start day trading?

If you want to engage in day trading, then start off by finding a proven mentor. It is the reason why I decided to start Full Time Day Trader, which is a course designed to help you become a successful day trader in the shortest amount of time. The course—which is for novice and advanced day traders alike—contains three powerful modules that teach you the How of successful day trading. Along with the course itself, you can access lifetime email support and mentorship and a 14-day money-back guarantee. To learn more about the Full Time Day Trader course, feel free to click here.

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