Why You Should Avoid Day Trading Chat Rooms

1. You’ll always be late to the trade

If you’re following live day trading alerts, you’ll always be late, as by the time the trading guru calls his entry, the stock has most likely moved significantly since his entry. Therefore, you’ll be buying the shares he’s selling and getting dumped on.

2. You will never learn how to properly trade

Do you think the people making lots of money in the stock market are following trading alerts? No, they have a proven system they’ve defined and follow. They don’t rely on anyone but their own skillset. 

3. You’ll be funding the gurus losses

Of course the trading guru you follow can afford to take large positions and large losses. He’s backed by hundreds if not thousands of trading subscriptions. He really doesn’t have much to lose.

4. You’ll also be funding his lifestyle

Most trading mentors make more money off chat rooms subscriptions than actual trading profits. Don’t be fooled by day trading gurus that are flashing around fancy cars and are always on vacation. More than likely that money came from subscribers. 

5. Noise and distractions

Chat rooms are filled with people blabbing out tickers and ideas that may not suit your trading strategy. This can lead to fomo and throw off your trading, causing losses you shouldn’t have had in the first place had you followed your own trading plan. 


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